Food Policy Council of Buffalo and Erie County




The Buffalo-Erie Food Policy Council (FPC) is an advisory body that is charged to advise public agencies and policy makers in Buffalo and Erie County on matters pertaining to food policy. The FPC was created in May 2013 as a sub-commission of the Erie County Board of Health. The FPC was created in order to provide local governments (legislative bodies and executive agencies) with an advisory body that would be able to provide expert information on policies that could improve the local food system.

Examples of this type of advice include reforming public procurement policies to improve the amount of locally grown foods to be used in our public facilities.  Other examples could include expanding the number of farmers markets in Erie County and recommending policies that would create more jobs in the local food system.



Food Policy Council Staff Support:

Kelly Fletcher

Note: This website is undergoing revisions. For updated information about the Buffalo-Erie FPC, please contact Kelly Fletcher.